I live in Texas. I miss Jason, Sarah, and most of all my little Teagan. More than words can say. I'm in training with my new career until May and because of that, cannot take any time off, even weekends due to being on-call. The hours I put in, the amount of work I put in, the type of work I put in - let's just say simply that I save children from some very horrendous situations, situations that most of us can't even fathom - it's extensive, and I wouldn't trade it for anything, because the reward of implementing safety in the rest of a child's life is undeniable and comforting. However, I would trade just a few hours to be able to see my besties during an unforgettable moment - their baby shower, or better yet the birth of baby. Since I'm in Texas, it's much harder for me to stop by after a long day or week of work. Even more, on top of my job, I'm a single parent to a toddler. A very outspoken loving energetic toddler. Who also misses her Aunt Sarah, Uncle Jason, and T.T. very much. We would give anything to take a weekend flight back to N.C. to be near our little home away from home family. So many things are happening in N.C. during this training - 3+ friends having babies! My 30th birthday! My brother's birthday. Bestie birthdays. Grand openings of friends businesses. The list goes on... So many things I would love to be there for, and intend to make time for, especislly if I lived in the area. And if you know me, you know that I'm a PARTY PLANNER. I love a good ol' celebration! Since I can't physically plan a baby shower for Jason and Sarah, I'm proposing this alternative option. Through this site, you can contribute to Baby Bartmess. Make a virtual baby shower contribution so that Baby Bartmess can need and have whatever her little heart desires. Momma Sarah and Daddy Jason are too tired to cook when baby is 1 week old? Let them order some to-go food with your $20 gift. Momma needs some sleep and Daddy is going to take Teagan and Baby Bartmess to Discovery Place Kids, let them use your $500 gift for the day (kidding... But seriously is that place still overpriced?!) I know all of our days and weeks and time in general are precious. We're all super busy overworked overstressed people. But even more precious is the time we have on this earth and how we spend it. Choose wisely. Cherish your friendships. Cherish your small timeframes outside of work. And especially cherish and embrace those little ones who will grow up to be our future. 

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